Hello, my name is Mehmet Can YILDIRIM. I’m a mechanical engineer who mostly designs, builds, and develops hardware for robots. In this small website, you can reach my Profesional accounts, as well as check my published work.

Short Bio:

I was born in Merzifon/Turkey in 1993. I attended Inanc High School in 2007, where I founded a robotics club with my four classmates, IMC. So, with that my journey had started. In 2016, as a freshman undergrad, I started to work at Ozyegin University Robotics Lab., in this lab I participated in two different medical robotics project. After I graduated, I became a part of Ozyegin University Biomechatronics Lab. with the research project titled “Development and Control of Upper Body Exoskeleton Robot with High Torque Gained Series Elastic Actuator” which I worked on the designs of actuation units, passive elements, and the exoskeleton. My experience with this project led me to start thinking about the problems surrounding the repetitive use of robots and the new highly hot topic of soft components. I worked on similar units and elements for another project titled “Development of Series Elastic Actuated Self Balancing Lower Body Exoskeleton for 3D Walking Support.” The core elements of this project eventually became the body of my MSc thesis. In February 2019, I got my MSc degree and I’m currently a Research Assistant at Chair of Robotics Science and System Intelligence in Technical University of Munich.

CV Last Updated on 07.04.2019